Explore space from right here on Earth.


All hiking apps list mountains, rivers, valleys, and many other natural wonders worth hiking to. One thing that all of them leave out, however, is the sky! Parks and trails are some of the best places in the world to stargaze but finding out when and where to go can be a headache.


Treat the starry sky like a destination! Give an app to hikers and space fans that lets them track down astronomical events far and wide and enjoy nature while admiring the cosmos.  The Look Up Project is an app that helps you plan hikes during astrological events, keep track of your hiking achievements, rewards you with patches, and aggregates the best space news from around the internet!

The app in motion:

Here is a short example video of some of the interactions. I wanted the motion and interaction design to give the user a feeling of being able to "zip" around the app very quickly. I used parallax scrolling sparingly; just enough to give it a smoother feel. This interactive prototype was made with Sketch and Principle.

To see wireframes, finished screens, and design justifications, download the below pdf.

ScreensUser map