Facebook Watch: Limetown

What happened to Limetown?
Facebook Watch is a new video streaming service with limited awareness. To get the word out about the new platform, they have developed a big budget, star driven mystery series called Limetown.

For context, watch the trailer HERE.

Giant Spoon

Facebook Watch

My Role
Concept Development, Writing, Immersive Storytelling

The Ask
We were asked to create an experiential activation that would tease the new show and increase awareness of the platform without giving away any hints or spoilers.

The Answer
We created an immersive trailer experience where viewers would feel as though they were actually in the show. We created physical builds from the trailer (a door, a detective board, etc.) and had them come to life at various points during the trailer.

This build mirrored the motel room door from the show. When the trailer played and the scene of someone banging on the door played, our physical door would come to life, rattling as if someone were on the other side. The well timed jump scare surprised viewers and made them inspect the door more closely. Upon further inspection guests realized that inside the peep hole of the door was a digital screen showing more Limetown content.

The Santa Monica Pier is a hectic place but our activation stopped people in their tracks for a full 90 second trailer. The jump scare door was a surprise for anyone near it; so much so that guests gave it space long after the trailer had finished playing.