Adobe Vid Con: The Imagination Machine

What is VidCon?
VidCon is the world’s largest event for fans, creators, executives, and brands who are passionate about online video and building diverse communities. VidCon 2019 had 26k attendees.

Giant Spoon

Adobe, Adobe Premiere Rush Product Team

My Role
Script Writing, Immersive Storytelling, UX Design

With an endless suite of creative products and apps at their disposal, Gen-Z doesn't immediately think of Adobe products when they think of creativity or content creation.

Using Adobe's already existing "Creativity Everywhere" campaign, Giant Spoon designed an experience to celebrate everyones inner creativity and show how Adobe products can be an extension of your innate creativity.


The Imagination Machine
The Adobe Imagination machine is an experiment that was created in a secret Adobe laboratory. This machine scans guests and identifies all of the composite parts of their creative mind; these pieces cam to life as “creative alter egos.” Guests use the custom interface choose which of their creative alter egos they’d like to meet before stepping inside the machine. Once they enter the machine, they are taken inside their own imagination where anything is possible. Inside the space they will meet their creative alter ego who will match their every move and encourage them to express their creativity.

I designed a custom iPad interface for guests to select their creative alter ego. This interface was tied to our back of house AV system and would display the correct character when a guests stepped into the space.