Adobe Summit: Back to the 90s

Back to the 90s
The first banner ad was uploaded to the internet 25 years ago. Today, Adobe makes creating and distributing digital ads easier than ever. To show how far we have come, we created an activation at the 2019 Adobe Summit that highlighted how difficult it was to get things done in the 90s. We created a 90s office, 90s ad agency, and a 90s living room, each with their own unique 90s issues.

Giant Spoon


My Role
Script Writing, Game Design, User Experience Design, Immersive Storytelling

The Drum

B to B conferences are full of dry presentations and keynote speeches that talk about new products and their features. This audience is sick of corporate presentations and Adobe wants to break through the noise in a big way.

Talk to tech decision makers in a fun and interesting way. Instead of an hour long presentation, we decided to show all of the product offerings and product features Adobe wanted to communicate with an immersive experience that would entertain and educate our audience.


Back to the 90s: The Game
Even though the Adobe Summit was quite large, we still wanted our message to reach a larger audience. To do this, we created a wonderfully cheesy 90s themed browser based game. This digital experience mirrored the on the ground experience of the summit.

‍‍This was a point and click, process of elimination, text based game that asked users to do simple tasks but in the correct order. They had to upload a file from a floppy disk to the internet, go to a video store and rent a movie, and order a pizza online. Each of these games required a script with directions and fail state responses; all of which I mapped out and wrote. The map of the game script can be found HERE.

Other Assets
No 90s game is complete without a cheesy 8 bit sound track. I made five unique8 bit tracks and dozens of unique sound effect to help bring the game to life. All of these songs can be heard by clicking the link above.

I also created several fake movie covers for the on-the-ground and for the digital experience. These came t o life as posters in the activation and as rentable VHS tapes in the game.

This simple digital extension had an average playtime of 5 minutes and had 30k click through in the first two weeks.